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Children and Families have always been a passion for Dr. Lucas. An African proverb says it takes a village to raise a child – in that case Dr. Lucas should be a chief with a career spanning over 27 years advocating for children and their families. During her career she has wore many hats and has held many positions and she has excelled in each one. From Bloomfield College to Tiny Love Day Care Center, Inc. to Ironbound Community Corporation just to name a few places that have been graced by her employment. One milestone in particular is that she advanced from being an individual family worker and went on to become a Coordinator of 22 family workers! With each position she walked away with a treasure chest of knowledge to add to an array of impeccable skills such as coordinating, creating, managing, publishing, supporting, supervising, training, scheduling and so forth making her respected and revered throughout the child care and educational industry. From the illiterate, special needs, disabled and handicapped on to mayors and government officials to African royalty, she has a diverse tapestry of associations. She has many awards attesting to these facts. She is the recipient of several prestige Family Worker Awards and an award for being the Family Worker of the Year; She holds numerous Certificates of Appreciation for Outstanding Work and Labor; Loyal dedication as well as many educational awards and Professional Development Awards.

Dr. Lucas is an ordained Elder and Minister describing herself as a gift to the entire body of Christ and therefore practices Kingdom Ministry and goes to different arenas of spiritual meetings building up and fortifying the believers as well as secular seminars delivering inspiration to all.