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"Unto Me a Child is Born"

 A child is born unto me.

Cause of this child, I am free.

I have refuge, strength, redemption and salvation.

I am reconciled with my Father.

Through HIS Son, the Christ, I live eternally by life or death.

For unto me a child is born.

I can praise and worship HIM.

Mighty acts, excellent greatness, Prince of Peace, Everlasting Father.

What HE has done, is doing and will do.

This child was born unto me.

Oh, what joy to my soul!

Death is around me and people have forsaken me.

However, Christ my Savior is born unto me.

HE left  HIS splendor and glory to call me as king and priest.

I will never be perfect and always fall short of HIS glory.

But, HE loves me just as I am.

HE is clothing me with the Fruits of the Sprit to be HIS treasure.

HIS grace and mercy delivers me day in and day out.

Happy Birthday Jesus!

I love you from the pit of my soul.